There is no getting around it: Amazon is king. How they operate their supply chains directly effects every seller’s bottom line. Selling to Amazon requires a game plan for any size business and more and more companies utilize 3PLs to help them build their business with them. Most Amazon sellers import their items from outside of the USA. In doing so you must ask how much stock to ship inbound to the USA and how much stock to deliver to Amazon at a time. Usually sellers are not delivering full ocean containers of merchandise to Amazon at a time. What this means is that most sellers need a US-based warehouse to deliver their merchandise to before forwarding on to Amazon. As it is usually not feasible to rent and staff a US warehouse here are some key points on why to choose ABW:

  • Online inventory system that can be integrated directly with Amazon via EDI.
  • Compliance labeling – FBA item and master carton labels, FNSKU or ASIN labels for Vendor Central
  • Multi-channel capability: Want to sell to more than Amazon? No problem! We actively fulfill orders for Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc…
  • Guaranteed lower storage fees than Amazon! Amazon charges exorbitant storage fees for less volume and slower selling items on purpose to leave more room for fast movers
  • Returned-item inspection